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We retail quality schoolwear, sportswear and accessories as well as clothing and equipment for extra-curricular activities such as scouting, dance and martial arts. We pride ourselves on our offer to younger sports enthusiasts in terms of catering for smaller sizes. We source our uniform and school sportswear from the best British manufacturers have to offer. Scouting and Guiding uniforms are supplied by the Scout Association and Girlguiding so you can be assured of the genuine article.

Uniform is always in stock so you can get short-sleeved shirts in November and rugby shirts in April. To us, value is not just about cost, value means affordable products that are designed well, wash well (bobble free!) and last well. One retailer was advertising uniform guaranteed for a 100 days. Really? Don’t you expect longer than that? Given normal wear, we rather hope that uniform purchased from us will do considerably more than 100 days and even more than one child (if appropriate!).

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