About Us

K & H Sports was founded in 1987 by Ken and Hilary Forbes with the opening of a shop in the market town of Retford. In 1995 the business expanded to include the shop in Newark, Nottinghamshire. The original shop in Retford closed in 2010 and the business now operates solely from Newark. The business transferred to Rutherford Joyce Partners Ltd in 2014 when Ken and Hilary Forbes retired. The business remains committed the same level of expertise and customer service, which has been the foundation of the company.  Amy and Jo have worked in the Newark shop for a number of years and are highly knowledgeable about uniform and sportswear and equipment

The business is now owned by me, Helen Joyce and my husband Nick Joyce. I was interested in buying a school uniform business since the summer of 2006. I remember driving home through the beautiful south Lincolnshire countryside one summer day thinking about the jobs I had to do, one of those jobs was to buy school uniform for my two daughters. I shuddered at the prospect and thought there must be a better way of buying school uniform. The uniform was supplied by a well known high street chain, well known for their Christmas adverts, which is a shop I normally love. But school uniform… if you could get in without them sucking their teeth and telling you to come back the following day, they may not have everything in which case you may not be able to just order from their website, it would be a special order and they don’t necessarily stock everything all year round. Besides that, when you get it home you have to sew in labels. I hate sewing. So I decided that if the opportunity ever came along to make the change I would. So first things first, I bought K&H Sports, which I thought was better than I wanted, because it also sold all the sportswear and equipment and also other activities that children are really involved with like scouting, guiding and dance. One of the things I think is really important is that everyone, particularly children, should have something in their lives aside from work/school, something that gets them out of the house, meeting people and hopefully providing an opportunity for a little exercise. The next job is the labeling. I have a cunning plan….